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Bribery As defined in the University's Policy against Bribery and Corruption.
Certifying Completion of Procurement Services' on-line dispensation form.
Construction Related Procurement The procurement of goods or services which could not be procured separately from the construction or alteration of a building (for example lift maintenance, the procurement and installation of equipment including air conditioning are not Construction Related Procurement).
CUEF The Cambridge University Endowment Fund in which the main University endowments are pooled.
CUFS Cambridge University Financial System.
Department, Head of Department As defined in Regulation 4.1
Deposit Account A University-wide facility that allows Departments to invest surpluses.
EM The University's Estate Management Service.
Embedded Company A third-party organisation (often but not always a company) occupying University premises or whose employees' normal place of work is on University premises, other than as temporary visitors or to provide services to the University.
Environmental Sustainability Policy As approved from time to time by the Council.14
Framework Contract Any framework contracts approved by Procurement Services.
Fraud As defined in the University's Policy against Bribery and Corruption.
HEFCE The Higher Education Funding Council for England.
Investment Board The board which manages for the University the investment of the CUEF.
Leasing A third party (including a supplier or a finance company) makes available for the University's use assets owned by the 3rd party (ownership never vests in the University), for which a rental payment is made for a period of use; as distinct from an arrangement which amounts to borrowing to fund the possible acquisition of assets.
Market Place Any supplier catalogue or process for obtaining offers which is made available electronically through CUFS.
Nolan Principles The seven principles identified by the Committee on Standards in Public Life.
Planning and Resources Committee Planning and Resources Committee of the Council and the General Board.
Procurement Services The University's Procurement Services section of the Finance Division.
Procurement Procedures The guidance and model documents on procurement in the Financial Procedures Manual or published on the Procurement Services web pages.
Proposals Bona fide, comparable Written bids submitted by a specified date (the Procurement Procedures provide sample documentation).
Quotes Bona fide, comparable Written quotations (the Procurement Procedures provide sample documentation).
Staff All employees, including temporary and casual workers, irrespective of whether their appointment specifically includes financial responsibilities and however their employment is financed: together with anyone else who has any responsibility for the administration, management or expenditure of any University Income or conducts any University Business.
Tender Submissions Formal tender documents submitted by suppliers in response to an Invitation to Tender.
Total Value The contract value or estimated value as follows:

  1. fixed period contract - the total price to be paid, or which might be paid during the whole of the period;
  2. recurrent transactions for the same type of item: the aggregated value of those transactions in the coming 12 months;
  3. uncertain duration - monthly payment x 48;
  4. feasibility studies - value of the follow-on scheme;
  5. the aggregated value of separate contracts meeting a single requirement.
University The Chancellor, Masters and Scholars of the University of Cambridge.
University Business University business which has a financial impact.
University Income All monies, regardless of source or purpose, which are due or paid to the University or made available to individuals because of their association with the University, including donations.
Written In writing, including submission by fax or email or using web tendering facilities provided by the University.

Terms are to be understood as used in Statutes and Ordinances, unless the context of the Regulation requires otherwise. Words preceding 'include', 'includes', 'including' and 'included' shall be construed without limitation by the words which follow those words.

Further Guidance is contained in:

a) The Financial Procedures Manual


b)  Web pages of:

  • Finance Division (including Procurement Services and Insurance);
  • Research Operations Office;
  • Human Resources Division;
  • Governance & Compliance Division (Information Compliance Office);
  • University Information Services;
  • Legal Services Office; and
  • Cambridge Enterprise (for Cambridge University Technical Services Limited).



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