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Claiming staff expenses via Concur

What can I claim?

Claims for reimbursement of travelling expenses and subsistence by persons travelling on University business should be made in accordance with the rules and principles as detailed in the Expenses and Benefits chapter of the Financial Procedures manual. 

How to claim?

SAP Concur, the University's new digital expense management system, is now available to University staff on the UK payroll. Guidance on using the system to claim staff expenses is available on the Expenses Hub. 

For other expense claims please continue to use the University forms below.

Other expense forms


Form FD1A for students (not paid via payroll)


Staff expenses

These forms should only be used by: 

  • Staff not on the UK payroll
  • TES employees

Online form FD1C-02 

This is for University employees who work in a University department that is not yet using the SAP Concur Expense System.

Form FD1C-02: Expenses Claim Form (for University employees) (Online)

Please note that this online form will not work with Internet Explorer. Supported browsers are Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. 

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