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The full economic costing methodology was adopted for costing all research grant proposals in September 2005. This allows departments to budget for:

  • costs that would be directly incurred by the academic department;
  • the salary costs of all personnel involved, including the Principal Investigator (lead academic responsible for the research);
  • an allocation to proportionately contribute to estates costs and central services;
  • an element to provide for continued investment in the research infrastructure of the University.

Not all sponsors accept fEC, particularly charities. However, all research grant proposals must be costed on a fEC basis regardless of whether or not the costs are eligible for reclaiming from a particular sponsor. This is because the University needs to record the full economic costs of all research. There are some exceptions to this eg. EC and NIH.

Costing grants proposals on a fEC basis also allows Departmental Administrators and Heads of Departments to make informed decisions on individual grant proposals in relation to costs versus income. It is important that all costs are included in applications so that research is not underfunded. If you need any help with costing or advice on sponsor’s terms and conditions please contact your School Team within the Research Operations Office.

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