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Initial source of support

Your initial source of support should be your Research Support Advisor/Administrator (RSA) in the Research Operations Office. Each Department has a dedicated RSA.

Before you make contact, please make a note of:

  • error messages you have received (screen shot if possible please)
  • which screen you are using
  • Award and Project number
  • Expenditure Type
  • any other relevant points

Click here for the School Team contacts in the Research Operations Office for individual departments

UFS Grants module

Further information regarding how to use the Grants Module can be found on the UFS web page, Research Grants section

Regular courses are provided for new users of the Grants Module and for those involved in research grant management/administration.

Course name Description
Grants part 1: Introduction to Grants (Web-based) A short on-line course that provides a basic introduction to the key features of Research Grants and how they are managed in the University.
Grants part 2: COGNOS Reporting This course provides an overview of the Cognos reports available to departments to manage grants.
Grants part 3: Your Grant in UFS This course provides an overview of the Grants module in UFS. The course will cover how you can view your projects and awards, check budgets, perform on-line queries and run some reports in UFS.
Grants part 4: Grants Administration in UFS This course covers the day to day and month end transactions that need to be completed using a variety of approaches in UFS relating to Grants

Full course descriptions and dates are available on the University Training Booking System searching for ‘grants’




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