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Some research sponsors, eg. Research Councils and the EC, may require a Principal Investigator to submit an interim or final scientific report. These are also known as Individual Grant Reviews (IGR).

If these are not submitted to the sponsor within the specified time limit (to be confirmed by the sponsor) they may disallow claims and issue financial sanctions to the University. Financial sanctions of this nature will be applied and charged to the grant-holding department. For a short delay, a 20% sanction is usually applied but the Research Councils reserve the right to increase this sanction. 

It is the Department’s responsibility to ensure that deadlines for any scientific reports are met, so that the University’s expenditure can be promptly recovered.

If these deadlines cannot be met, for any reason, the Department/Principal Investigator should contact the sponsor immediately to ask if a time extension can be granted and inform the Finance Analyst - Research and Grants in their Research Operations Office School Team.

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