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The University Training Booking System (UTBS) records those who have undertaken the training and provides direct evidence of the extent to which it has been successfully promulgated within the University.

A monthly report is sent from Finance Training to the nominated departmental key contact. The report lists all individuals who have completed the following training:

  • Anti-Bribery and Corruption
  • Modern Slavery
  • PCI Compliance

Departmental Administrators should monitor who has successfully completed the training within their department.

Online course

Target audience


Anti-Bribery and Corruption


At the very least, training should be completed by all those, at any level of seniority, who:

  • hold any kind of management role (e.g. all principal investigators) and/or have the authority to incur any level of expenditure
  • have international dealings of any kind, but particularly in emerging markets or areas of the world where risk of corruption is higher
  • work with contractors
  • contract on behalf of CUTS
  • are involved at any level in a decision to contract, i.e. to offer or receive goods, services, donations or research grants or contracts.

In this instance "staff" refers to all individuals working within the University at all levels and grades, including officers, employees (whether permanent, fixed term or temporary), workers, trainees, seconded staff, agency staff, volunteers, interns or any other person working in any context within the institution

Every two years


Modern Slavery Act


Mandatory for:

All Finance Division staff

As a pre-requisite for all new:

  • transactional CUFS users (iProcurement users within 6 months of responsibility request)
  • users requiring update access to the Supplier Database
  • petty cash administrators
  • departmental credit card administrators
  • credit card applicants
  • CUFS Key Contacts
  • cash advances

Existing credit card holders and individuals who already hold the above roles

Users of other approved purchasing systems (PLANET, Alma, JProc, EDRS)












Highly recommended for:

Those with overall departmental purchasing responsibility and those involved with making procurement decisions

Accounts staff in departments and other University institutions

All those who wish to stay informed about current world issues that affect them


PCI DSS Compliance

Mandatory for anyone involved in processing customer card payments and paperwork on behalf of the University.

Repeat annually

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