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Appendix A : Customer numbers for internal departments

A list of customer numbers for internal departments can be found under "Department Contacts"

Invoicing sub-departments

To invoice departments that are sub-ledgers of another department, an additional address line will need to be created in the original customer record. For example to invoice CamSIS

  • go to Customer number 1000 (Central Admin)
  • create a new address line with CamSIS's details
  • The location field of the BILL TO USAGE should include your department code followed by the word CamSIS (eg. AG_Camsis)

Invoicing Physics

When departments deal with any of the sub-ledgers of PHYSICS (Department code KA- KN) they should ensure that:

  • purchase orders to Physics are all addressed to department code KA
  • purchase invoices from Physics will appear in the customer's AP module as supplier PHYSICS (KA)
  • sales invoices to Physics are addressed to the appropriate sub-ledger eg. KB_KN

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