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Reports on UFS

It is the responsibility of Heads of Departments and Department Administrators to monitor outstanding / unpaid Internal Trading invoices.

As part of month-end procedures for the Accounts Payable module, users are advised to :

  1. Run the 'Invoice Register' report for uncompleted. Ensure that there are no invoices remaining the default transaction code FKAA waiting re-coding to the correct departmental account.

  2. Run the 'Invoices on Hold' report. Internal invoices on hold must be investigated and resolved. Guidance and mediation is available from the Finance Division.

Year end

The Finance Division produce detailed year-end procedures which include the processing and resolving of Internal Trading invoices. Further information is available in the Year End Guidance pages of the Financial Procedures Manual.

Further guidance

  • Further guidance on Internal Trading is available from the Head of Financial Transaction Processing and Control.
  • Advice and guidance on raising internal trading sales transactions is available from the Accounts Receivable & Cash Management team.
  • Assistance with locating and processing internal trading payable invoices is available from the Accounts Payable team.
  • Advice and guidance on raising purchase orders is available from Procurement Services.

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