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Payroll transactions feed into the GL and Grants module in UFS.  It is essential that adjustments to pay are processed in the correct period, paying particular attention to staffing movements to minimise overpayments.

Tasks required

Final date for completion

New contracts - final date for new staff contracts to be with HR.

Wed 5 Jul


Established staff (stipends, wages, and research salaries etc.) - a review of the final departmental monthly payroll should be made. Please refer to the CHRIS Burst Report to ensure all current payroll account codes are correct.

Wed 12 Jul


Final date for overtime claims input to Payroll.

Wed 12 Jul


University Payments System (UPS - visiting lecturers etc.) - final date for making payments on the 2016-17 financial year for UPS.

Where departments are unable to meet this deadline but are  aware of payments for 2016-17, they should consider establishing payroll accruals. Advice is available from the Central and Research Accounting Section.

Thu 3 Aug



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All Payroll payments for the July period will be charged to the financial year 2016-17.