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The Purchasing module (which includes iProcurement) is used to create purchase orders (POs) on UFS. This in turn creates a commitment. When the order is matched to an invoice, this becomes an actual expense.

PO module closes at 5pm on Friday 6 August


Tasks required

Final date for completion

Run and review the excel version of the Open Purchase Order Report

Wed 28 Jul


Run and review Purchasing Requisition Status report

Fri 30 Jul


Action remaining items on the Open Purchase Orders Report

Fri 6 Aug


Action all incomplete POs

Fri 6 Aug


Action incomplete requisitions or those not converted into POs Fri 6 Aug  
Finally close Call off orders for 2020/21 financial year Fri 6 Aug  

NB: These actions are not time dependant and can be completed well in advance of the module close.

Finance Division key dates for information

Key Date

Updated DTH report for year end final review run

Mon 2 Aug

Jul-21 Purchasing Period closed

Fri 6 Aug


In case of queries please contact the iProcurement Helpdesk
Tel. 65101 or email


On this page


Run and review the Open Purchase Orders Report - Excel Version (UFS)

This report lists all the PO lines that have not been fully completed, received or fully matched to an invoice. It assists in identifying goods needing to be receipted in the system, and POs or order lines requiring to be cancelled or finally closed. It also provides useful information regarding funds checking and commitments. After running the report, review the outcome and identify the actions needed, as detailed below. Pay particular attention to older transactions and those coded against research grants.


Deliver to Home (DTH) orders

Any orders raised for home deliveries using the University-wide Deliver-to code DTH are excluded from Departments’ standard Open Purchase Order Reports. Instead, relevant departmental Key Contacts have been emailed a link to a summary of these orders for their department which is updated on a weekly basis. This summary needs to be checked and followed up regularly, particularly to ensure the open orders are receipted as soon as possible, as part of the year end essential tasks. If you require this link, please contact

Open DTH orders should be actioned in same way as any other orders, see next section.


Action the Open Purchase Order Report/DTH Summary Report

This report lists orders not fully receipted or invoiced, and it can be scheduled. Use the Excel version, and filter on status. Although it is recommended that the report be run monthly, in the run up to the year end it is particularly important to establish whether orders need to be finally closed or receipted so the invoice can be paid. Finally closing a PO removes the fund commitment. As orders/order lines can only be cancelled if items have NOT been receipted, it is advisable to check the receipt status by using the View receipts function in the Buyers Work Centre (BWC).
The path for this function is BWC > Orders > Headers tab > Choose View receipts in Select Order field from the action drop down.

Open PO Report Actions

Select and open item from list


Check whether item(s) received. (If yes, receipt in CUFS.)


Review items with status Closed for Receiving


  • Establish if an invoice has been received.


  • If not, follow up with suppliers, unless the order is recent. The items must be invoiced before AP closes.
  • Has the invoice been paid separately, i.e. not matched to order?
    If so, Finally Close the order. The related requisition will automatically be closed.

Review items with status Closed for Invoicing


  • Establish if items delivered but not receipted


  • If yes, complete receipting process, especially in respect of e-invoices
  • Where it cannot be determined that items were received (e.g. the requester has left the organisation), the order should be finally closed


Review items with status Open


  • If item has been recently ordered

No action required

  • Open and approved but items no longer required or undeliverable

Cancel PO or relevant PO lines

  • Open and approved and some items received and partially matched to invoice, but still has lines/amounts outstanding

If the goods/services are not going to be received, the unmatched lines must be finally closed.

  • Open but NOT approved, i.e. status is incomplete

Must be cleared

  • If items are required: approve or forward order for approval
  • If items are not required: Cancel order.

In order to cancel, first approve. Be careful if marketplace supplier site. Change to any other address for that supplier before approving, then cancel. Use Justification field to give reason, e.g. duplicate order


NB: Do not finally close any order awaiting an e-invoice.
For a list of e-Invoicing suppliers, refer to the University Finance System website at, and navigate to Suppliers.


Run and Review the Purchasing Requisition Status Report

Available in UFS from the Buyers Work Centre, the Purchasing Requisition Status Report lists requisitions that may require an action.

Any requisitions raised in error or no longer required must be cancelled. This must be done by the requisitioner who initiated it. If this person is no longer working in the department, contact the UFS Helpdesk. Incomplete requisitions include any that have not been converted into POs.


Finally close call off orders against GL funds

Finally close and raise a new order for the next financial year. Notify the supplier of the new order number when you action the first call off for the current financial year.



Please see our CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19 Assistance pages for help with areas of Finance during the current situation.

UFS issued communications and the University website also contain information on this topic

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