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The Accounts Payable (AP) module interrelates with the Accounts Receivable, Grants, Fixed Assets and General Ledger modules. It is essential that all supplier invoices and all expense claims, whether from employees, students or individuals, are processed in the correct accounting period.



Tasks required

Final date for completion

Submit 2018/19 AP items to Shared Services by c.o.b.

Wed 7 Aug


Process all 2018/19 internal trading AP invoices

Mon 12 Aug


Run the Invoices on Hold and Invoice Register reports

Mon 12 Aug


Identify remaining Internal Trading invoices in dispute and notify Finance Division

Mon 12 Aug


Process all July AP invoices

Wed 14 Aug


Process all staff and visitors’ expenses

Wed 14 Aug


AP Module closes at 5pm

Wed 14 Aug


Return supplier statement reconciliations to Finance Division

Fri 23 Aug


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In case of queries please contact the Accounts Payable Helpdesk,
Tel. 66888 or email


Accounting for AP invoices

Please ensure that all supplier invoices received after 31 July are accounted for in the correct period.

From 9 August, the AP Team will be issuing daily reports listing:

  • August invoices posted in July; and
  • July or earlier invoices posted in August (if applicable).

This enables users to check these invoices have been accounted for in the correct period. In all cases please ensure that invoices are only processed in July if the goods were received in July. If you see an invoice processed in the wrong period please correct this before AP closes on 14 August.

Reports will be sent to the same users as the supplier reconciliation notifications. Please notify if this should be any different.

The Accounts Payable module will close at 5pm on Wednesday 14 August. Invoices relating to 2018/19 processed after this date should be accrued if material in value (see Accruals). This does not apply to invoices charged to grants.

Review of outstanding invoices

Departments are reminded to ensure that both the Invoice Register and Invoices on Hold Report reports are reviewed and all holds/queries are dealt with accordingly.

  • Run and review the Invoice Register (UFS) report showing all invoices not yet primary approved (i.e. validated). Validate and Secondary Invoice Approve (SIA) or cancel as appropriate.

  • Review the Invoices on Hold Report (UFS). Remove the holds or receipt any delivered goods or services as appropriate.

NB Invoices on hold (other than those only awaiting SIA) at period end will NOT be accrued or charged in General Ledger. The AP team will regularly distribute the AP Holds and Unaccounted Transaction Report (UFS) to departments.

Review Internal AP invoices for 2018/19

To be processed by 14 August with a GL date of July 2019 or before.

For invoices in dispute: as all outstanding internal invoices will be automatically validated, departments must place an internal dispute hold on relevant invoices.

All invoices in dispute which cannot be resolved should be referred to the AP Helpdesk by 12 August for advice. Disputes resolved by the Finance Division will be notified to departments by 14 August.

Any necessary accounting entries for disputed invoices will be agreed with both departments and posted by the Finance Division.

Internal order disputes can still be resolved and posted up until 29 August when the General Ledger closes.

Enter and approve purchase (AP) invoices for 2018/19

Invoices processed after 31 July should be classified between:

  • July 2019 or earlier purchases (ie. ONLY goods/services received on or before 31 July should be recorded in July accounts. The purchase order date is irrelevant).
  • August 2019 purchases (for the new accounting year). For invoices dated July that relate to August purchases (eg. equipment rental payable in advance), the GL date should be changed from July to August.

Goods/services ordered in July or earlier but delivered/received in August are August purchases and must be recorded in August.

For invoices dated August that relate to July purchases (where the goods/ services were delivered/received prior to the end of July):

  • Ensure that the GL date on the invoice header screen and the invoice line screen is amended to 31 July 2019, prior to approval of the invoice.
  • Do NOT change the GL date shown against the VAT line.

For invoices dated August that relate to August purchases:

  • Retain the August GL default date.

NB: The AP module will continue to accept July and prior purchase invoices until 14 August. Thereafter, all invoices will have to be processed in the new accounting year 2019/20. Invoices relating to the 2018/19 year received after 14 August should be accrued as creditors. Refer to the guidance issued within Creditors, Section 3.8.

Barclaycard statements

The July statements will be available to print from 1 August and will be posted in to the July period. Each cardholder will have their own statement but departments should be able to print/download into PDF all statements in one go.

Departments have the option to process these transactions in Accounts Payable before it closes, or via a journal in either Grants, before 16 August, or the GL on 29 August.

Balances not cleared before the GL close will roll forward to AZZY as part of the normal year end process.

Detailed procedural instructions can be found here .

Staff and visitors’ expense claims

Expenses need to be processed in the appropriate financial year. As expenses are paid in arrears, please ensure July (or earlier) expenses have a July 2019 GL date and an appropriate Expenditure Item Date if charged against a grant.

Review and return supplier statements

All supplier statements should be reviewed for invoices relating to 2018/19 to ensure they have been processed.

  • Statements from suppliers should be requested, retained and checked to AP invoices.
  • Records should be kept for audit purposes.

On 7 June, Finance Division will issue a list to each department of their Top 20 suppliers, by value for the year. From this list, you are required to select ten suppliers (having considered both the value and number of transactions). The selected ten supplier statements need to be reconciled as at 31 July 2019:

  • The statements from suppliers should be requested and checked to AP invoices.
  • Records/statements should be retained for audit purposes.
  • The department’s ten selected supplier reconciliations should be returned to the AP helpdesk, Finance Division by 23 August

Group finance transactions

All AP transactions with the entities listed in Appendix E should be processed before the AP closure date of 14 August 2019.

As part of the Group consolidation process, any transactions which occur between these entities and the Academic University, are required to be separately identified as Group-related i.e. inter-company transactions.

The Financial Reporting section must be informed of any invoices in dispute with the listed entities as at the 31 July that have not been processed.


Please see our CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19 Assistance pages for help with areas of Finance during the current situation.

UFS issued communications and the University website also contain information on this topic

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