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Departments charge expenditure (excluding Staff costs, Pooled labour, Overheads and Non-direct costs) using UFS iProcurement and Accounts Payables (AP) modules.  When charging expenditure in these modules you need to enter the award, project and task number of the appropriate grant in the distribution screen.  These fields must always be specified to allocate expenditure correctly in the Grants Module.

Pooled labour, Overheads and Non-direct costs are all generated and posted at each month end by Research Accounting. Departments cannot charge or transfer expenditure to these budget headings (see Items processed centrally each month).
Expenditure incurred on a specific research project in excess of the available budget should be charged to the General Ledger at the end of the award - see Expenditure incurred in exceess of budget and Excess Income and excess expenditure sections for more details.


Moving expenditure

If expenditure processed through AP has been charged in error to a grant and needs to be transferred this must be done in AP, mirroring the original transaction. This ensures that VAT is correctly treated and a correct audit trail is maintained. See the UFS procedures for how to do this.

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