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Departments must not transfer funds into a research grant or directly code income from a sponsor to a grant code. Collecting monies due from sponsors is undertaken by the Credit Control team in Research Accounting.

However, there may be occasions when a miscellaneous receipt needs to be coded to a grant, e.g. if a supplier is overpaid and they reimburse via a cheque rather than a credit note; or if an expenses advance is raised which is no longer required which results in a refund.

It is not possible to code a miscellaneous receipt directly to a grant in the AR module, so departments must post the receipt to a GL code, using either the transaction code ETZZ for reimbursement of an expenses advance or EXZZ for any other purpose.  The receipt can then be journalled to the grant using the same transaction code (either ETZZ or EXZZ) in the grants journal.

For detailed procedure, refer to Posting a refund to a grant 

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