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The following tasks should be undertaken monthly to ensure that expenditure posted and subsequently claimed from the sponsor is correct.

  • Review expenditure posted to your department suspense grants and re-post expenditures to clear the department suspense grant to zero.
  • Review and clear funds check failures and other exceptions.
  • Check for un-posted pre-approved batches (grants journals).
  • Correct any VAT errors as advised by the Tax Section, within the Finance Division.
  • Run the ‘Projects by Organisation by PI’ report.
  • Check the status of all grants and take action to correct erroneous items/resolve overspends and under spends. A copy of the relevant sheet from the ‘Projects by Organisation by PI’ report should be given to each PI for review.
  • Run a GL Accounts Analysis Report on the departmental research cost centre, the ED source of funds, and transaction code LZEG for excess income or AZZN/EZZN for excess expenditure.

Detailed UFS procedures on all of these tasks can be found at

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