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Each department has a suspense project and award with the format RG00000 (dept cost centre) for the award code and dept cost centre/000 for the project code.

Eg.            RG00000 (EWAG)           EWAG/000

The suspense account is used for posting expenditures which fail the validation process on import into grants e.g. staff costs where award and project numbers do not match with the set up on the grants module; this prevents posting to the intended project and award. Most of the items in the suspense account relate to staff costs. Using either the Tools/Transfer function or grants journals departments are required to clear the suspense project to leave a zero balance for month end.

Use of the Tools/Transfer function means that once the items are matched they will not appear on the expenditure enquiry screen when the ‘Exclude Net Zero Items’ box is ticked, making identification of unmatched transactions easier. Selecting the GL period from the start of the financial year is, in most cases, sufficient to identify the individual transactions which make up the suspense account balance.

Any balance remaining on departmental suspense accounts at half year and year-end may be posted to a general ledger account.

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