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The University Procurement Procedures must be followed for the purchase of all items of equipment and the ‘Track as Asset’ box in AP checked for all purchases over £5,000 (including non-recoverable VAT).

Details of the University’s Procurement Procedures can be found at

There may be additional conditions detailed in the contract or award letter regarding the purchase of large pieces of equipment, such as a specified time period for the purchase and/or copy invoices to be supplied to the sponsor.

If a sponsor’s terms and conditions of funding specify a more stringent procurement procedure than the University’s procurement procedures, then the sponsor’s procedures usually take precedent. Please contact your Research Support Advisor/Administrator (RSA) from your School Team in the Research Operation Office if you require clarification on the sponsor’s terms and conditions.

The budget may also be ring fenced and sponsor permission required before an unspent equipment budget can be used for another purpose. When the award has finished ownership of the equipment may be specified in the contract or award letter, otherwise it will belong to the department.

It is important to check sponsor terms & conditions over the level of expenditure which can be charged to grants e.g. on a 2 year award some sponsors may only allow the university to claim 2 years’ depreciation. If an asset is depreciated over 4 years, the sponsor will therefore only fund half the asset. Please contact ROO for advice.

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