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Credit cards must be used exclusively for expenditure directly relating to University business. This may include travel and restricted entertaining as necessary.

See Chapter 5b: Expenses & Benefits for more guidance on travel, subsistence and entertaining.


Travel and subsistence

Adherence to the University's current rates for travel and subsistence is required. When undertaking foreign travel, if it is anticipated that these rates will be exceeded, written agreement must be reached with the Head of Department, to an acceptable level of reimbursement. Evidence of such an agreement must be retained and attached to the expense claim form.


If the credit card is used for entertaining University clients, a record of the meeting explaining its purpose and listing all the attendees is required.

Foreign currency cash withdrawals

These are only available by prior arrangement with the University Cashier.

Purchase of goods

This is not allowed unless the Finance Division gives prior written approval, as the UFS purchase order system is the appropriate system to use. If purchases are made the cardholder must ensure that the University's Purchasing procedures are followed. Evidence of compliance should be submitted with the credit card expense form.

Credit cards must not be used for:

  • Private expenditure under any circumstances
  • Sterling cash withdrawals
  • Internal business transactions within the University ie. between departments (this includes the University Centre).  In these circumstances, Internal Trading procedures via the UFS must be used.

Misuse of the card may result in the credit card being withdrawn.

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