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A credit card expenses form should be completed each month detailing each transaction and its purpose. 

The form must be supported by receipts/invoices. HM Revenue & Customs may consider un-receipted transactions to be taxable benefits. Any element of personal expenditure MUST be repaid to the University in full when the credit card expense form is submitted to Accounts.

NB.      A credit card slip is NOT supporting documentation as it does not detail the specific goods/service purchased.

The documentation should then be attached to a copy of the credit card statement and authorised by the Departmental Head/Administrator to verify that transactions are:

  • legitimate; and
  • in compliance with the University’s Finance Regulations and the Credit Card Terms & Conditions

The Barclaycard statement may be used as a substitute for the credit card expense form but, receipts must be attached and the statement still authorised as per above.