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Q. Can we export the open PO report into Excel?

Yes - there is an Open Purchase Order Excel version now available to choose.

Q. In Buyers Work Centre is the requests list your printed version?

The request list will store all the request that you have run on the system, as each request, whether it be a report, print of an order will have a unique request ID given to it by the system.

Q. How do I reprint or view a purchase order?

Buyers can view and print both Non-Catalog and Marketplace POs through the Buyer's Work Centre under Requests. Refer to detailed guidance Buyers Work Centre: Re-printing orders.

When raising a non-catalogue requisition the purchase order will automatically approve as long as personal profile of the final approver has been completed. Refer to guidance on Buyers Essential Setup: Personal Profiles.

Q. How do I obtain a Medical Exemption (ME) Certificate?

When you print or view a copy of a Purchase Order, if any of the items have been marked with a Medically Exempt tax rate (ME0%) you will automatically see/receive a copy of the system generated ME certificate on a separate page of the report.

This applies to both Non-Catalog and Marketplace orders.

Q. When I view my requests once a report has run, I can see other colleagues requests as well, is this correct?

Yes it is. You can use the search facility if you are wanting to look for something specific.


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