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Q. When adding an additional line for freight during autocreate how do I code it to a Grant?

You would need to navigate to the shipments tab, click on the details icon, input the grant code, apply and then save. It should then pull through to the Distribution tab. You can only amend a GL code on the Distribution tab.

Q. Can a field be added to the autocreate view screen to display the Requester's name?

Yes it can, if you naviagte to Personalize and add in the field of Requester, then navigate to the bottom of the screen where you will need to add in an additional search field e.g Ship To and, apply and apply again. When you are back at the autocreate screen select your new view and it will display the requester field as well.

Q. Can a 'Note to buyer' field be added in during autocreate?

No, if you want to see whether any notes have been added either at cart or line level then you will need to click on the requisition number. At the top of the screen there is 'Header Attachments' where you can click on and view any notes added at cart level. In addition, at the bottom of that screen there is an attachment section where you can view attachments entered at line level.

Q. Can the tax field be added in on the autocreate view screen?

No, I have had a look at the personalize screen and there is nothing in there to suggest a tax field.

To view tax on a requisition line you would need to click on the requisitioner number and on the left side of the screen half way down there is a Tax Info field, which you can then click on to review the tax code for that line.


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