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Q. What do we mean by "bursting" of Internal trading invoices?

PDF copies of all AR invoices or credit memos raised to internal customers (i.e. other University departments) will be sent via email to a pre-nominated individual contact in the customer's department . This email will normally be received the day after the invoice/credit memo has been raised.

Q. When did bursting of internal sales invoices start?

This started for all internal invoices and credit memos raised on or after the 26th February 2019

Q. How do I know who is the departmental contact for receiving burst internal trading invoices?

Details of all departmental contacts can be found on the CUFS Departments page of the Finance Division Webpage.

Q. Are attachments on internal invoices automatically emailed to customers too?

Unfortunately, attachments are not automatically emailed to the customer department and will still need to be forwarded seperately. Please ensure that these are sent to the same contact address as the subsequent invoice email notification with a covering note indicating that they refer to invoice number xxxxx which will be received by email the following day. 

Q. What is the point, of bursting the internal invoices without the backing documents?

It at least it highlights to the receiving department that there is an invoice has been raised to them and that they should contact you if subsequently not received.


Q. Can the bursting process be switched off for an individual internal invoice?

All internal invoices (even those missing their back up documents) should go through the bursting process and a copy automatically emailed to the customer department.

Q. What if I raise an internal transaction after 5:30pm?

The transaction will still be transferred to the customer department's AP module overnight , however a PDF copy of the transaction will not be emailed to the customer until the day after that e.g. if an internal invoice is raised at 8pm on a Monday then although it will be visible in the customer's AP module on Tuesday they will not receive an email with a copy of the document until Wednesday.


Please see our CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19 Assistance pages for help with areas of Finance during the current situation.

UFS issued communications and the University website also contain information on this topic

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