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Donation income

For the purposes of these procedures, "donation income" can include any of:

  • gifts
  • benefactions
  • bequests
  • legacies
  • grants made by charitable trusts
  • grants made by Government departments and agencies

This does not include HEFCE income or Research Grants. Care must be taken to ensure that the income is neither a research grant nor some form of consultancy. In either of these cases the income is part of a contractual relationship and needs to be dealt with accordingly. Research grants and contracts are dealt with through the ROO.

Donations may be in the form of:

  • single items of cash, cheques or credit card payments
  • fee waivers
  • investments
  • regular receipts via payroll giving, bank standing order or otherwise
  • non-monetary assets

Charitable trusts

Approximately 40% of the philanthropic donations received by the University are from charitable trusts. In practice many individuals or organisations that want to give to the University (or other charities) set up such a trust, often known as 'Foundations'.

It is not uncommon for the Trusts to actually sponsor research grants within the University. In these instances the funds should always be identified as such from a financial accounting perspective, be handled by the ROO and allocate to the M source of funds.

However, there are occasions where although the nature of the funding was most clearly that of research due to the nature of the contract, the intention behind it was most certainly philanthropic. In these cases it is recorded in the University's financial accounts as a research grant but also included with CUDAR's figures as a donation.

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