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Before completing a new supplier request, ensure that the supplier is not already on the Supplier database by using the search function.

If a new supplier is required, the following information should be provided: 
•    Full company name – not just a trading name;
•    Company registration number if they are a limited company (this should be consistent with above);
•    VAT number if VAT registered;
•    Full postal address;
•    Telephone and email details;
•    Details of the type of purchase / supplier selection and quotation process;
•    Signed Modern Slavery Supplier Compliance Statement (MSA);
•    Bank details.
For specific requests, additional information is required:

Request For Required
Employee Use Concur (setup automatic for new staff)
Student CamSIS student number
Individuals providing a service

Tax clearance number NB: This clearance is only valid for the period stated. If the individual’s service is extended, contact the Employment Tax team, Finance Division

Please refer to the Supplier Set Up webpage for the full list of requirements.

A purchase order should be raised for all purchases and no orders for goods or services should be made until the supplier has been approved.

If goods or services have been ordered and delivered without a purchase order, and an invoice has been received, a copy of this must be uploaded with the request for the new supplier. Failure to provide a copy of the invoice delays the request.

The time taken to load the supplier onto the Supplier database varies depending on the quality of information provided by the department and the relevant checks that need to be made.

Once the supplier has been authorised by Accounts Payable and Procurement Services, an automatic email is issued to advise the requester that their request has been uploaded to UFS. UFS is updated immediately once the supplier request has been finalised.

Guidance for Key Contacts needing to amend the Suppliers database is available from the Training AP webpage.

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