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The ability for departments to upload additional reference information to the GL (such as a Cost Centre ‘Owner’ and additional categorisation)  to complement the existing Chart of Accounts is regarded as a crucial improvement to reporting. This functionality allows departments to generate reports that better match their local information needs and reduces their reliance on manual reporting via spreadsheets. 

Departments are able to group and analyse their existing accounts themselves by adding:

  • the name of the local account/cost centre owner, and
  • Up to four different category labels to a cost centre (or cost centre/source of funds combination).

Once set up, the owner/categorisation function allows departments to report on single or multiple categories. In essence, this means reports can be produced for specific elements of a department or for specific individuals who are responsible for multiple cost centre codes. The entire process is carried out within UFS and means there is no need to export and combine separate reports using Excel.

Specifying owners and categories for your department

The set up requires the GL Supervisor responsibility. Departments must decide who will manage the process and how the structure should look beforehand. If you have this responsibility and still cannot access the spreadsheet required, please contact the FSG helpdesk (

Note: Care should be taken not to overwrite or delete categories previously uploaded by other department members, unless advised otherwise.

The process involves downloading the spreadsheet from UFS (using the ADI tool), selecting the required cost centres, adding the Owner and Category details and finally uploading the spreadsheet back to UFS. See the User Guide for detailed information on this process. The guide can be found on the finance training webpage > Guidance & FAQs > General Ledger, in the section: Ownership & Categorisation of cost centres.

Reports in UFS that include this functionality are:

Account Analysis – Transaction Detail Filtered By Categories – Excel Version (UFS)
Account Analysis – Transaction Detail with Categories - Excel Version (UFS)
Account Analysis – Transaction Detail with Categories and School Param (UFS)
Budget Report – Comparing to Actual with Categories - Excel Version (UFS)

All new Cognos flexible reports have an option to select the owner/category when setting parameters.


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