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The departmental and School / Group reports present summary information under the following headings, each of which is reported in a separate column:

  • income
  • expenditure
  • overdrawn / cash in hand
  • money on deposit
  • CUEF
  • other investments
  • balance sheet entries

The summary information is presented by Source of Funds, or by grouping of Sources of Funds. Each Source of Funds or grouping is shown as a separate line in the report.

The mapping of General Ledger balances onto the column headings is based on Transaction codes irrespective of the Source of Funds.


Range of Transaction codes


H*** to N***


A*** to F***

Overdrawn / cash in hand

A*** to N***, X*** (less SCBA, SAAA, RAAA, SKF*)

Money on deposit




Other investments


Balance sheet entries

P*** to W*** but not SCBA, SAAA, RAAA, SKF*

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