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Russia, Crimea and Belarus trade sanctions: imports and exports of goods and technology

Following events in Ukraine, the UK Government has imposed further trade sanctions on Russia – including export and import restrictions and bans on certain categories of goods and services.

If you are considering importing or exporting goods or technology involving Russia, Crimea and Belarus – we strongly recommend that you first consult with and the Export controls team (in the Research Office) at to consider if there are prohibitions in place and licencing requirements.   There are severe penalties for persons that do not comply.

The sanctions include bans and restrictions on:

  • the export to Russia of military goods, military technology, and dual-use technology;
  • the provision of technical assistance that enables or facilitates the conduct of certain military activity;
  • the export to Russia of certain goods and technology for use in the energy sector, particularly for off-shore drilling and exploration;
  • the export to Russia of certain 'critical industry' goods and technology and aviation and space goods and technology;
  • the export to Russia and Crimea of infrastructure-related exports;
  • certain imports (arms and related materials) originating in Russia (even if the immediate place the goods were shipped from was not Russia);
  • all imports originating in Crimea; and
  • supply and delivery prohibitions – affecting freight agents / carriers ability to deliver goods.

What are ‘dual-use’ goods and technology?

Dual-use items (including physical goods, software, and technology) are those which can be used for both civil and military purposes. The UK maintains a list of dual-use goods and technology that it considers to be 'export controlled'. All researchers exporting to Russia or working with Russian collaborators are advised to consider whether their export is included on this list and take advice from the contacts below. Exports to Russia are likely to be prohibited unless the export meets one of a number of exemptions. 

Examples of dual-use goods and technology include global positioning satellites, night vision technology, thermal imaging, some lasers, some drones and other goods that are designed using precise manufacturing specifications to be used in or in conjunction with dual-use/military equipment. Other examples may include chemicals and radioactive material. In addition, there are wider controls on exports for use, in any way, in nuclear or weapons of mass destruction programmes. 

What are 'critical industry' goods and technology?

The new sanctions create an additional list of goods, software and technology that are controlled for export to Russia. These include a number of specific: electronic devices; computers; software; telecommunications equipment; information security technology; sensors and lasers; navigation and avionics equipment; marine vessels, equipment and software; and aviation, space and propulsion goods and technologies. All researchers/staff exporting to Russia or working with Russian collaborators in any of the areas above should take advice from the contacts below. As for dual-use goods and technology, exports of these equipment are likely to be prohibited unless an exemption applies.


There are also sanctions relating to certain individuals and companies from Belarus, alongside existing sanctions.

Further information and support

For further guidance:  If you have any questions, please contact and Further updates will be provided as the situation changes.


Issued 13-Mar-22

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