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The 2018 year end seminars were presented by:

Lucy Harney – Reporting Accountant (Arts&Hum, NonSch/UAS)
Stephen Kent-Taylor - Head of Corporate and Research Accounting (BioSci, CS, Tech/PhySci, Post FUG)
Chris Patten - Head of Accounting Services (Hum&SocSci, Tech/PhySci)
Mike Sinclair - Manager, Central and Research Accounting (NonSch/UAS, CS, Hum&SocSci, Post FUG)

Other representatives from the Finance Division were:
Luke Bovill (CS) David Cook (Hum&SocSci), Tracy Levitt (BioSci), Simon Miller (Tech/PhySci), Dave Sizer (Arts&Hum), Andrew Weatherley (NonSch/UAS) and Wendy Wooldridge (CS)

Download the seminar presentation.

In addition to the above, two presentations were held for Finance Division staff as part of the Knowledge Bites lunchtime sessions.

The 2018 year end new users workshops were presented by:

Helen Maffin (iProc)
Max Smith (AR/AP)
Wendy Wooldridge (Grants)
Mike Sinclair (GL/Fixed Assets)
Christine Rogerson (Cognos)

Download the New User presentation.

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