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Finance Division



CUFS does not currently regard outstanding purchase orders and requisitions as commitments in the General Ledger (GL) reporting, so the ‘funds available’ that are being reported are often overstated as they do not take such expenditure into account.

Current State

A new ‘GL Funds Available Enquiry’ capability has been developed - which incorporates outstanding commitments (both requisitions and purchases)  and is accessible via the GL Responsibility in UFS.  

This has been successfully tested during Phase 2 of the project and will move into pilot during Phase 3.

Assuming that this pilot is successful, we will then plan for a wider rollout.

Alongside the introduction of this new ‘GL Funds Available Enquiry’ capability, work will also commence in Phase 3 on updating selected CUFS and Cognos reports to include commitment information.

If you have any suggestions related to such reporting enhancements, please email